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Saturday, May 22, 2010





SENAI 81400


Date of birth : Feb 1, 1987
Age : 22
Place of Birth : Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Johor Baharu
Religious : Islam
Race : Malay
Marital Status : Single
Citizenship : Malaysian
E-Mail address :
Telephone : 0177636058 (HP) / 075989829 (H)
License : Possess a valid Malaysian Driving License for car


My goal is to obtain an International Business. And Scope of my educational is a Business in Information Technology and I have to experience in the Information Technology (Hardware and Software) So I have Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Information Technology With International Business 3+0 From Kolej Poly Tech Mara (KPTM) collaborated with Coventry University, UK., and I have a Diploma certificate in Information Technology from Kolej Poly Tech Mara Batu Pahat. I also well presented, hard working and influential, and the program prepare to career in business or IT, recognizing that the business in the work. And more, I obtain a challenging employment in any field available that offers the opportunity to contribute and expand my knowledge to Business and IT (Software and Hardware)


Any position that utilizes my experience and knowledge as a graduate in the field Bachelors Degree’s of Science (Hons) in Business Information Technology with International Business 3+0 KPTM Collaboration with Coventry University, UK And Diploma Information And Technology ( Software) Also Computer Assistant Technician (Hardware ). And then, I have both experiences according business management and Information technology knowledge. Otherwise, I will increase any skill according the culture of organization environment since business or IT in any sector such as private or government. Moreover, position applied, I will involve any post in the Information Technology or Business.



Highest Educations

Education Date: 12 July 2008 - 31 April 2010

BSc (Hons) of Business Information Technology with International Business 3+0 in KPTM Collaboration with Coventry University, UK

AVERAGED: 57 And Above

Field of Study : Business Information Technology with International Business 3+0
Major : Business Information Technology
Institute : Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (Kuala Lumpur) (KPTM)
Collaboration University Coventry United Kingdom
Location : Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Related Course:

Group Project, Management and Organizational Behaviour, Academic English for Business Writing Level I, Introduction to Research Methods, Database System, Systems and Connectivity, Introduction to World Business and Trade, Business Information Management Strategy, Project Management, Project (Develop Individual Project as Final Year Project), Digital Technology and Society (Computer Society and Law) International Business, Volunteering In the Community (Public Voluntary Service)

Second Highest Educations

Education Date: 07 July 2005 – 31 April 2008

Diploma Information Technology (DIT)

CGPA : 2. 58

Field of Study : Information and Technology
Major : IT/ Computer – Software
Institute : Kolej Poly-Tech MARA (Batu Pahat)
Location : Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

Related Course:

Mathematics 1, Accounting, Bahasa Kebanggsaan, Basic Computer Architecture, Computing Mathematics, Communication Skill 1, Introduction To Bussiness Organization, Pengajian Malaysia, Statistics , Communication Skill II, Mathematics II, Communication III, Pengajian Malaysia, Co – Curiculum. Introduction To Information Technology, Programming Language I, Programming Language II, System Analysis And Design, Internet Programming, Industrial Placement ,E-Commerce, Database Concept, Computer Organization, Data Structure, Programming in Visual Basic.Net, System Software, Object Oriented Programming, Multimedia Authoring Tools and Design.


Duration : 25 November 2007 Until 1 Dismember 2007
Place : Kolej Poly Tech MARA Batu Pahat

1. The Personal of Computer Maintenance
2. The Theory of Computer Networking Technology
3. Web Design Using PHP also Web Development


Third Highest Educations

Education Date: 01 January 2005 - 30 Jun 2005

Certificate of Computer Assistant Technician

Field of Study : Technical of Computer
Major : IT/ Computer – Hardware
Institute : Giatmara Batu Pahat
Location : Batu Pahat, Johor, Malaysia

Related Course:

Introduction to Computer, Introduction to Software Application (Microsoft Office), Introduction for PCs Hardware, Software Installation, Introduction of Diagnostic and Virus, Perform Repairing Maintenance Computer, Assemble and Upgrade PCs, Introduction to Networking and Computer Formatting Skills and Developing of Web Page.


Fourth Highest Educations

Education Date: 12 February 2003 - 31 December 2004

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM)

Field of Study : Business Study (SPM)
Major : Business Study
Institute : Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kluang
Location : Kluang Johor, Malaysia

Related Course:


Bahasa Melayu 4B
Bahasa English 8E
Pendidikan Islam 3B
Sejarah 5C
Matematik 6C
Sains 3B
Perdagangan 6C
Prinsip Perakaunan 6C


Fifth Highest Educations

Education Date: 05 January 2000 - 31 November 2002

Penilaian Menengah Rendah (PMR)

Institute : Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Senai Kulai (SMK Senai )
Location : Senai Kulai, Johor,

Related Course:

Bahasa Melayu B
Pendidikan Islam B
Sejarah B
Sains B
Geografi B
Matematik C
Bahasa English D
Hidup Bersepadu
Pilihan III A


Company Name : Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd
Position Title : Technical Support (Computer Assistant Technician)
Position Level : Training Student - For Diploma Level (Junior Executive)
Specialization : IT/Computer – Hardware and Software

Responsibilities / Duties:

• Responsible for repair and maintenances computer
• To provide & Repair hardware & Software support for PC and Network
• Inventory ICT Equipment List
• Check & Maintenance Plasma TV and FIDS Plasma.
• Supervise and monitor contractor & vendor
• Create User & Password for wireless connection
• Maintain several systems (SITA, CWorks )
• Supervise, Repair and Maintain of CCTV Camera in Senai Airport Terminal Services
• Daily morning check Core Switch Room & Datacenter Room.
• Report To Telekom if Leased Line, ISDN and Streamyx Down
• Responsible to Manage Inventory of ICT equipment.
• To support necessary hardware for the support of the networking in the company
• Assist in diagnosing and trouble-shooting
• Perform trouble-shooting client networking problem
• To handling the installation, configuration & upgrading of network cabling
• To handling the installation and configuration new computer for new staff.
• Produce daily, weekly and monthly report to Superior
• Office Procurement ( Managed Office Document and Documentation)

Date Joined : 2 Jan 2008 Date Left: 22 March 2008

Work Description

Scope of work as training student Senai Airport Terminal Services in ICT Department provided computer resources related peripherals and PC Maintenance for Office in Terminal and Cargo Warehouse also to networking & LAN, monitoring and maintaining anti virus software and update to computer. And then, sometime, I need to supervise to some project monitoring example CCTV Camera, Installation Network Cabling and Others. Otherwise, I will be Maintain to Operating System Software or Application Software in Senai Airport Terminal Services Organization. Moreover, I as the training students has been develop on my ability to managed office work in organization specified ICT Department.

Reason for leaving: Practical Training (To search for better prospect; to experience new working Environment)

Package Salary: RM 300 by Month (Paid in Check)


- Proficient Installation of Operating System (98, ME, XP, 2000 and 2003)
- Computer hardware and software formatting and installation skills
- Operating System Server ( 2000 & 2003 )
- Operating System (Linux 7-9 version , Centos)
- Proficient Microsoft Office Professional Package 97, XP, 2000, 2003
- Proficient Ms Front Page (Develop of Webpage)
- Ms Project 2000 & 2003 (CPM)
- Ms Visio Professional
- Scala (Flight Information Display System)
- SITA ( For Communication between Airport with another Airport)
- CWORKS (System for Technical Department)
- Indigo Vision Control Center (Software for CCTV)
- Development of Multimedia ( Flash MX, Macromedia Director, Dreamweaver MX)
- Adobe Photoshop 7 and CS
- Web Development: HTML, JavaScript


Certificate from Pertahanan Awam Malaysia
- 08 May 2007 until 21 July 2007

Hand Phone Workshop Certificate (Giatmara Batu Pahat)
- 19 March 2005

Malaysian English Test Seminar (MUET)
25 September 2007 - 25 October 2007

Pidato Participate competition at Karnival Kreativiti Minjaroes KPTM 2006
- 26 until 28 August 2006

Participate to Seminar Keusahawan Kerjaya Pilihan
- 29 November 2007

Participate to Seminar Keusahawan Peringkat Negeri Johor
- 26 May 2006

Participate to Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Kluang, Johor Program, Latihan Menembak Rifle M16
- 14 And 15 Jun 2004

Participate to Sayang Disayang Program 2004 in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kluang Johor
- 10 January – 16 January 2004

Certificate of Appreciation to Contribution Services in Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kluang ( Pengawas and Pengawas Perpustakaan )
- 2003 until 2004

Participate to Best Student Program In Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kluang
- 14 and 15 August 2004

Certificate of Appreciation to Jabatan Pendidikan Johor In Kursus Kepimpinan Ketua Pengawas Program.
- 6 until 9 September 2003

Certificate of Appreciation as Facilitator in Minggu Silaturahim Program
- 9 February until 15 February 2004


Certificate of Appreciation to Dean’s List Student with GPA 3.56 (April until June 2006) In Diploma Information Technology Program


1. Malay (Excellent in both speaking and writing).
2. English (Average in both speaking and writing).


1. Administrative Skills
2. Ability to work in a self-starter
3. Negotiation skills with other people
4. Ability to take on responsibilities
5. Beginner knowledge of IT
6. Manage to Office procedures
7. Marketing – I was involved to do research/telemarketing
8. Developing Theory to Website
9. Strong problem solving and analytical abilities
10.Able to effectively and efficiently multitask
11. Innovative


1. Maintenance Computer
2. Chatting
3. Planning
4. Design Of Multimedia Or Edit Picture
5. Searching new Information in Internet
6. Travel
7. Music, Movie & Sitcom Series


1. Beginner of listening & interpersonal skills
2. Excellent to team work in any environment situation.
3. Has been Experience in dealing with the public
4. Able to communicate with people of all ages


1. Commitment
2. Experience in dealing with the public
3. Friendly Workmates
4. Responsibility
5. Motivated
6. Creative and Innovative
7. Mass Communication
8. Full concentration in my career.
9. Independence
10. Can work with minimum supervision.
11.Willing to work outstation or beyond office hour


Reference or recommendation letter available upon request. I hereby declared all the information and data in this document is truth


) Director of Kolej Poly-Tech Mara Batu Pahat

Name : En Mohd Rusli Bin Abdul Wahab
Tel No : 03 - 92819700

2) Manager Giatmara Institute

Name : En Mejar (B) Mohd Jinal Bin Selamat
Tel No : 019 - 7612762

3) Senior Executive of ICT Department
Senai Airport Terminal Services

Name : En Raja Shaharin bin Raja Hashib
Tel No : 012 – 7885900

4) Junior Executive in Technical Support SATS

Name : En Azwafi Bin Abdul Wahab
Tel No : 012 - 7658956

5) Business Department Lecture Kolej Poly Tech Mara Kuala Lumpur

Name: Saburiah Binti Mamat
Tel No: 016- 3302513

Expected Salary: RM 1800 - 3000 (negotiable)